Friday, 17 August 2012


Crikey... how time flies! Since my last post, and despite getting out fairly often between the showers I've been been rather slack at updating this site - hope to remedy that in future, if there are any readers left!?

You'll find a few short missives if you follow my Twitter feed.

Rhiw has been cloaked in thick mist today with some heavy downpours off a strong SSW wind and I've been stuck inside most of the time with a knackered back. Maybe the yoga session the other night in the village hall was a bit extreme. I am trying to get prepared for the autumn migrant hunting extravaganza where crouching under bushes in strange positions, breathing steadily and awaiting the next avian excitement, while maintining concentration and blood pressure levels as the rarities turn up at sites all around my own patch exerts special demands on the birding body.

Already feels autumnal as the nights draw in rapidly and the grasses fade. Bird-wise it's quiet around the village with many passerines presumably moulting after the breeding season. Young Buzzards are constantly begging for food and one of the adults obliged yesterday by flying over the garden dangling a huge Rabbit between it's legs.

I see that the big shearwaters have been and gone past Cornwall and southern Eire recently. Shame we get so few up here - apparently even Pembrokeshire has only managed 15 Great Shearwaters in a day despite years of observations from the shelter at Strumble Head. I intend to reach Porth Ysgaden soon. I've had a couple of Cory's there in the past but something different would be rather nice...

Anyway, until next time - Good Birding!

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