Friday, 4 November 2011

Rhiw Birding

I've been experiencing a few vehicle problems over the last few weeks - and have been concentrating on birding around my home village in between swearing at my van and sharing bus rides with poor/young/retired/environmentally friendly passengers :-)

Hence the lack of updates!

Anyway, the good news about the trusty old Vito is that I don't have to spend any more money on it - the bad news is because the diagnosis is that it's terminally ill! I don't think even the ace team behind Pimp My Ride could do anything with it. The other good news is that I seem to have found a cheap, reliable, honest mechanic in these parts - Chris Nash at Dragon Engineering in Sarn.

So, it's been lots of walking around Rhiw - and not seeing a lot apart from the usual lovely Green Woodpeckers, Barn' & Little Owls, a decent flock of 19 Yellowhammers the other day etc. I'm sure Porth Meudwy is crawling with Pallas's Warblers ;-)

Loads of Starlings on the Lleyn at the minute including some massive noisy flocks in the surrounding pasture. Good to hear that the Rose-coloured Starling is still visiting a bird table in Nefyn but to be honest it's not the most inspiring looking bird - having said that, I'm in the process of sorting some more wheels out and may succumb to the lure of a peninsula tick eventually...