Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dark Green Fritillary

One of these beauties sped past through the yard this afternoon where I had hobbled out (back still knackered) after another misty morning. They really can accelerate!

A (family?) party of five Red-billed Chough wheeled over Mynydd y Graig later on while I soaked up the sunshine, something severely lacking this year.

The young Common Buzzard continues to vocalise incessantly. It's a really pale thing - very white underparts. I really should get around to digi-scoping it if I can stand it anymore (yes, I hear you laughing - you don't follow this blog for the photos). Will try not to throw any rocks in it's direction first. Noisy bugger! Plenty of rabbits in the fields around here, surely it will learn to feed itself soon?

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