Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Backyard Birding

More high pressure dominating the weather in Rhiw tody. Cold, grey and strangely calm with a milky sun breaking through at times late afternoon, hinting at some warm spring sunshine sometime soon. Bardsey/Ynys Enlli disappearing in and out of the mist... and a few interesting birds around the house.

Flyovers (a mixture of both residents and presumed migrants) included 6 Redwing and a Grey Wagtail to the east, a single Meadow Pipit,  two Red-billed Chough and both Woodcock and Common Snipe at dusk. A Green Woodpecker yaffled from the fields north of me with a calling Yellowhammer in the same area while a Little Owl was vocal from the adjacent cloddiau. Pretty typical peninsula birds but as nice as ever.


  1. Hi Andrew
    I have just discovered your blog.
    You live in one of my favourite places on earth, I know the area well. Have stayed many times in Llanengan.

    I spotted a waxwing in my village today, (near Oxford) and whilst checking its I D I came across this blog.

    Many hours have I spent bird watching at Hells Mouth and I have seen memorable sights. Two of the most memorable were gannets diving over in your direction and terns diving into the water and emerging with dripping are lucky to live there.

    Best wishes from a very cold Oxford.

    Sue Allan

    1. Hi Sue

      Welcome to the blog! Always nice to hear from readers, especially ones who share my appreciation of the area. Porth Neigwl/Hell's Mouth is as pleasant a place as it gets to connect with birds and other wildlife.

      Good to hear about your Waxwing... I've still not seen one this winter ;-)

      Best Wishes