Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Porth Ysgaden Pipit

I had a call from Dei Rhys Jones this afternoon who had the good fortune to come across a probable Richard's Pipit at Porth Ysgaden around lunchtime today. Although Dei is not the most experienced birder his description sounds spot on. He had prolonged telescope views of the bird on the pasture - describing it as a large pale upright pipit - alongside the resident Rock Pipits, and also heard it's characteristic sparrow-like calls in flight. It also hovered before landing as it flew around the area before heading north-east.

I decided to meet up with Eddie late afternoon in the hope of relocating it. Sadly there was no sign of the target but a nice flock of 56 Golden Plovers were overhead, 16 Turnstone fed on the beach and 16 Wigeon were roosting offshore. Two vocal Red-billed Chough were busy demolishing the clawdd in the search for food.

Before long the sun was setting and it was time to head home - grumble, grumble... November days are too short but only a month to go before the shortest day and the promise of all that verdant green lamb frolicking bird singing daffodilly springness!


  1. Good time of year for a Blyth's Pipit ?!

    1. That's what I was thinking - always worth checking out any big pipits! Completely horrible weather down here today - full lash horizontal rain and gale force SW - so doubt abyone will be trying to relocate it.

      Hope all's well

      Good Birding


  2. Very nice to hear the 'S' word already.

    Hope it hangs around to be rediscovered when this weather moves through

    Lashing it down horizontally here too



    1. Oh yes Davo - Spring is just around the corner! Just got to get that C word out of the way (think end of December pagan/Christian/mostly consumerist festival).

      Certainyly be nice to connect with the pipit if possible. Last few i've had down here have been fly-overs.

      Right, I'm off to test my new waterproof jacket. I've been indoors swearing at computers and a blast of fresh air is in order!

      All the best