Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Been stressing with car problems for the last few days with unhealthy noises from the engine. Shame as it seems like Bardsey has been enjoying some decent birds (as usual!)... wonder what I've been missing in the valley? Got my mechanic to finally have a look at it today and the diagnosis is not as bad as I thought and was given the all clear to do some limited motoring while I wait for the part to arrive.

Headed to town afternoon and enjoyed a few waders (see my Twitter feed). Whimbrels are cool birds - love the sound they make!

With the weather still feeling ripe for a good grounding of migrants, and the heavy showers easing up, I drove 'down the end' for a couple of hours. Phylloscs were popping out of the hedges all the way to Mynydd Mawr while a party of Northern Wheatears exploded out of the car park on arrival.

The next thing I saw was a soggy female Whinchat. Despite various attempts to digiscope this, the Wheatears and one of the three singing Yellowhammers in the area I eventually gave up as the little blighters would not stay still and the battery died on the camera. Grrrr - what did I say - I hate digiscoping!

An obvious arrival of 28 Wheatears were noted in the small area around the lower car park and heath above St Marys Well, 12 White Wagtails flew east, a Brown Hare bounded along and three House Martin and four Swallow passed over. A Blackcap in the gorse looked out of place while a couple more were in the hedge near Safn Pant with a party of 15 Goldfinch and a few Willow Warblers and Chiffchaff.



  2. Thanks a bunch mate - just the encouragement I need... presumably you're talking about digiscoping or is it my general 4th division birding prowess?

    Either way you know what you can do :-P

    PS Still showing off with that digiscoped Rubythroat I see!

    (Expletive deleted)

  3. The rubythroat was taken in the hand actually...... well, to be more precise, it was taken IN MY HAND !!! Do you hate me more now ?

    One of the many joys of Thailand eh.... 8)

    Not having enough battery power is a classic schoolboy error.....but we all learn from these things, I certainly did early on, now my batteries are plenty and always on charge.....

    Stick with it, I'm sure you'll get into it....

    I'm thinking of maybe getting a DSLR next !!