Thursday, 15 March 2012

Black Redstart

The village was cloaked in a drizzly mist with a cold SW wind this morning; conditions which continued throughout the day. Fortunately, Eddie persuaded me to join him for an afternoon's birding in the Aberdaron area and I'm glad I made it out.

The walk up Mynydd Mawr was unrewarding; indeed the heath was virtually dead, but one has to try as for every nine bird-less treks around the hill - it's hardly a real mountain after all - one provides some avian excitement.

Despite swapping stories of March Shorelarks, Snow Buntings, Hoopoes and Alpine Swifts in years gone by, none were forthcoming today - not even the hoped for  Wheatear. However, a wander down towards St Mary's Well resulted in brief views of an absolutely immaculate male Black Redstart - a real stunner. A few Stonechats were around the gorse- plus the usual Chough and Ravens, while a single Siskin called overhead. A couple of Chiffchaff were on the lane by the camp site.

The area around Llanllawen was the next stop and I headed out across Pwll Bron-llwyn in my wellies in the hope of kicking up a Jack Snipe. Not one but three of these little beauties and 12 Common Snipe were logged.

Porth Meudwy was rather quiet - 13 Chiffchaffs being notable, while a very smart adult Med' Gull off Aberdaron beach was a final bonus.


  1. Good stuff ! Where's the pics ????

  2. Ha ha - the Black Red' was way too quick, even for Eddie the official digi-scoper. Hint taken still - so what model camera did you pick up off eBay?

  3. What a nightmare ! I got the same model as the one I lost (fuji finepix F31d), but when I came to use it, it was faulty, under-exposing everything. Have now sent it back for a refund..... BOLLOX !!

    Still hunting for another one....

    1. Oh dear, what a pain - hope you get it sorted. I have an aversion to digiscoping in general (being the world's worst exponent) but having had a few complaints about the lack of images on here should probably start again...