Friday, 10 February 2012


It was cold, grey and foggy first thing this morning and the cloud has hardly lifted all day. The sort of bone-chilling drizzly cold where you think it's going to sleet or snow but never does.

Anyway, I had to drop into town afternoon so took the scope and checked the harbour as usual. Fortunately the council have repaired the shelter on the north side which enables you to keep out of the elements whatever the wind direction. Despite trying all I could find today spread across the mud at low tide were the usual mix of several hundred Dunlin, a few Knot, Redshank, gulls etc... hard work!

I'd noticed a couple of LBB Gulls on the floods at Penrhos on the way in and found another three at my next stop, Llanengan - so at least some migrants are moving through. Numbers of Lapwing and Golden Plover were down from last weekend (to several hundred each) but 42 Wigeon, 71 Teal and three drake Shoveler added some interest.


  1. Do you think that I may contribute on your blog Andrew. When I'm not working I'm mostly birding and would like to share what I see.

    1. Hi Shirley

      I use this blog primarily as a personal informal diary of what I see, with the odd extra record from other people and intend to keep it this way.

      However, I'm thinking of starting a Llyn Wildlife Facebook page similiar to the Glaslyn nature one which means anyone can contribute in their own time. Am new to Facebook but reckon it's got great potential for sharing information with like-minded people.

      It's always good to hear of anything particularly interesting locally (although I' don't publish everyhting I hear about). Link me at

      Sorry for the delayed response - not been able to pick the comments up for publication for a while for some reason.

      Good Birding & Best Wishes