Monday, 9 January 2012

Tufted Duck & Kingfisher

An hour in Pwllheli pre-dusk at low tide saw a few interesting birds; with regular coverage of late in different weather conditions - and at various states of the tide - it's fascinating to see how the species composition and numbers change day by day, even on such a small site.

A couple of Tufted Duck accompanying the Wigeon flock in the harbour were notable (I've only ever seen one or two here previously) while the Shoveler male was now accompanied by a duck on the Cob Pool where a handful of Snipe were busy feeding on the edge of the reeds with the Teal flock.

Unfortunately something - presumably an unseen raptor - flushed many of the small numbers of waders and gulls in the harbour, but a Kingfisher speeding down the main channel was a nice consolation on this remarkably mild calm afternoon.

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