Friday, 16 December 2011

Goldies & Pewits

Have not done a great deal of birding in often inclement weather these last few weeks - so the blog has been quiet.

I've also been busy as I've become a grandad again (yes, I am way too young I hear you say). The still unnamed baby girl - 9 months isn't long enough to decide apparently! - and mum are both doing well.

Anyway, less talk of mammals and a snippet of bird news. With the drop in temperatures of late I've noticed some good wader flocks. Over 100 Golden Plover and 220+ Lapwing were wheeling over the fields by Saithbont, Botwnnog today while another 200+ Lapwings were over the usual fields at Penrhos which has also held some sizeable Wigeon flocks on the floods.


  1. Congratulations Grandpa.
    Also, some 200+ Golden Plover at Penrhos moat days recently.

  2. Thank fuck for that, I thought you were dead !!

    Congrats gramps....

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