Monday, 10 October 2011

Shoreline Stoat

I found one of these mustelids running along the seaweed covered boulder scree at the western end of Porth Neigwl / Hell's Mouth this afternoon at low tide. It was carrying food but views were brief and I was unable to see what it had caught.

In all my 40 odd years I've never seen one actually on the beach - or in this case - way below it in the inter-tidal zone - and winder if any readers might have encountered such behaviour before?

Also, a Grey Phalarope was reported briefly in Pwllheli harbour yesterday afternoon... shortly after I had checked the site and seen very little apart from a 1w Med Gull.


  1. Sally and I have seen this behaviour a few times, mostly in Scotland, and mostly at very small fishing harbours/ports/lay-ups.

  2. Cheers Eddie! Just been perusing The Handbook of British Mammals which states, when discussing foraging behaviour... "Swims well, across streams and in seawater to inshore islands up to 1km away".

    Hopefully the Ynys Enlli shearwaters are safe then!